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Discover How Nigerian Students Are Making Millions Per Month Trading Gift Cards

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If I show you one of the simplest ways to earn money in 2019, are you going to take action?

What you are about to discover does not require a lot of work. If you have just 30 minutes per day and a smartphone with the internet connection, you can do this.

Are you ready for this? Alright, what you are about to read next will shock you but more importantly, it will make you smile to the bank every day.

If you have been around the internet since 2007 or even 2018, I'm pretty sure you must have heard about Gift Cards.

But what you don't know is you can literary make millions every month trading Gift Cards in Nigeria YES! i do.

Just for the sake of those who don't know, gift cards are usually issued at electronic stores, grocery stores, bookstores, and department stores. Heck!... You can even get gift cards at a fashion store. Gift cards are not only issued by big businesses. Nowadays, even owners of one man's business now issue gift cards. It doesn't matter if it comes from big or small business; the objective remains the same - to encourage customer's loyalty.

Can You Make Money With Gift Cards In Nigeria?

The simple answer is Yes!... In fact, I know tons of Nigerian students who have built their own houses and are driving choicest cars from the money they made trading gift cards in Nigeria. If these guys who are busy with their studies can do it, then there is no stopping you!

However, you will have to learn how it is done. Don't worry; it is not a rocket science. You won't have to enroll in a university or something like that to learn this system, I'm going to teach you everything you need to know right here in this article. I told you, today is your lucky day. If you use the information you are going to get here well, you will be smiling to the bank pretty soon.

Awesome, right? Let's continue....

Buying and selling gift cards in Nigeria is very easy. In fact, this is one of the easiest online businesses anyone can do. All you need to do is establish a connection with various people. When you have done this, you can now choose from one of the methods below to start making money with gift cards buying and selling in Nigeria:

Top Ways To Make Money Buying and Selling Gift Cards in Nigeria

Gift cards are very popular during a holiday period. Businesses are looking forward to giving away hundreds or even thousands of gift cards as special gifts. This is because these cards allow the recipient to buy from their stores.

You can easily obtain gift cards from businesses and individuals. After all, they want to gain new customers and offering gift cards is the perfect way to do that.
You can now sell these gift cards from some websites that allow buying and selling of gift cards.
Statistics show that most gift card recipients don't use them. Well, this works well for us because it allows you to get hold of these cards. There are tons of customers who will be more than willing to sell their gift cards to you at a ridiculously cheap amount.

Top Techniques For Making Money With Buying and Selling Gift Cards in Nigeria

There are lots of techniques available for making money with gift cards. Since most people are looking to sell their gift cards at reduced prices, you can acquire these cards from them and sell them at markup prices. Alternatively, you can establish a direct contact with companies that offer gift cards and obtain the cards at significantly reduced prices; this allows you to sell these cards at their face value…. cool, right? Keep on reading!

Once you obtain these gift cards, the next step is to think of ways you can sell them and make profits. This is where it gets interesting. To start making a serious profit from gift cards trading, you will need to buy these unused gift cards from the original recipients at 50% to 90% of the face value.

Since most customers don’t really need these cards, they will be more than happy to get at least some cash for it instead of allowing it go to waste. You will need to ensure you accept gift cards with $25 value or higher. Don’t settle for anything less. Since the idea is to make money by reselling these cards, it wouldn’t make sense to buy gift cards with lower values because they are not good for business.

Now that you’ve known how to obtain these gift cards, the next step is to know the type of gift cards you should deal on. Ideally, I would recommend you stick to the popular ones. Better still, stick to gift cards that are popular in your local area. This allows you to sell them really fast.

Alright, what I’m about to say next will shock you. If you apply what I have thought you so far well, you could make as much as ₦80,000 in pure profits at the beginning of your business, this amount to over ₦900,000 a year. This will fetch you the infamous 6 figures everyone is chasing just by buying and selling gift cards in Nigeria.

Here is where it gets really interesting – You can scale it up! Yes, I’m pretty sure you are thinking about it too. Why earn just ₦80,000 while you can scale it up and make over ₦120,000 in just one month. I used one secret proven method and makes close to ₦200,000 every week. Read that well, I’m making that amount on weekly basis. Now, when you do the calculation using that average, it shows you how much I’m earning per year buying and selling gift cards in Nigeria.

Pretty amazing.. right? I think so too!

The Gift Card industry is booming! Just in 2015 alone, more than $100 billion was spent on gift cards in the United States alone. The number doubled in 2016 and 2017. By the end of 2018, you are looking at the explosion of gift card industry. Mind you, this figure alone accounts only for the United States, when you put top developed countries like Canada, Australia, UK, and Germany into account, the figure will jump through the roof.

But here is what is shocking. Over 10% of those cards go unused. To put in clearly, over $10+ billion dollars got wasted! I know what you are asking, what does this have to do with you? Well, the short answer is “everything”. Now that you’ve known you can buy and sell gift cards, you have just escaped from 95% of online shoppers who don’t know you can sell gift cards. Now, you have joined less than 5% of the population with this knowledge. How you used it is up to you. If I were you, I will start using this knowledge to making money instantly.

How? It is simple. When you receive a gift card you don’t want to use, there is no need to leave it rotting in your wallet or email (for online gift cards). Instead, you can sell them and make some cash. Doesn’t that worth a try?

But before you jump in, I will like to warn that this is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It is a business, real business that you will grow from scratch and allow it to grow. But here is the deal – You won’t be doing everything from scratch. I have done the major part of the work for you. All you now have to do is use the proven methods I outlined in this course to earn like I’m earning every month. Don’t worry, this is just a copy-and-paste formula that allows you leverage my secret method no other person is using to buy and sell gift cards.

Let’s say you make just ₦16,000/per month in the beginning, won’t that help you take care of some bills? How about ₦11,000? Wouldn’t that change your life in a big way? I know what you are thinking – “this may not work for me”. But here is a question, if it worked for others, why won’t it work for you ? huh ?. I have personally liberated young Nigerians from the vicious cycle of poverty using this forum refer.ng and i am going to do it again in a bigger way with same EXACT methods you are about to discover in this course.

This business is perfect for me! It is not just about the MONEY… But the TIME FREEDOM. It requires less than 30 minutes of work per day. You know what that means? You can do this business if you are a student or even works in a corporate office. With 30 minutes of work per day to earn that amount of money, getting this course is a no-brainer.

NO hype. NO BS. NO gimmicks.

Yes, I know they warned you that all that glitters is not gold. But this is not like something you are used to. This transparent blueprint will show you A to Z of how I’m earning close to a million every month buying and selling gift cards. For the FIRST-TIME ever, someone who has made so much money in gift cards trading is willing to share his secret. There is nowhere else you can find a course like this one. It simply doesn’t exist!

Getting this course is a no-brainer. Plus, AS ONE OF THE FIRST STUDENTS TO ENROLL, you will get personal guidance from me. I’m a very busy person, but will make out time to guide you through phone calls, SMS, Whatsapp, and Facebook chat until you succeed. Note that I’m not promising you overnight success. Absolutely not! You will need to put in some works. It is a real business and therefore you should be ready to work on it. But here is what I’m promising you – you will make money if you are willing to learn it and put in some serious effort.


Before you join, make sure that you are coach-able, ready to work, have a good attitude and internet connection. If you have these qualities, you will make BIG PROFIT within your first 30 days.

What Else Do I Need To Get Started?

Well, remember that I told you this is a real business. Every real business requires capital. So you are going to need some capital But don’t worry, it is not something you cannot afford. In my own cases, I was broke like a church rat when I learned this business. So I have no choice than to start with just ₦15,000. Within just a few days of starting the business, I realized how huge the potential is. I learnt that buying and selling gift cards in Nigeria is a big business.

With hard work and persistence, I turned that 15k into ₦80,000 in my first month, then into ₦90,000 in the months that followed. Since then, making close to ₦200,000 every week has become a routine. You will learn the exact steps I used in achieving this success in this course you are about to get.

Like I mentioned above, this is one of the best business anyone can do right now. Gift card industry is booming and only very few people know they can actually make money buying and selling gift cards. You have incredible opportunity to be among one of the pioneers of this business. If you have what it takes, I’m willing to show you how lucrative and profitable the business of buying and selling gift card is. Check people that are already in this business, most of them are making MAD PROFITS every week.

Some of these guys are just students. You will be shocked to hear how much they are making on weekly basis. You know the best part? This business offers time freedom so it doesn’t affect their studies one bit. The business is very simple. All you have to do is follow my proven secret method, create an account where I told you to create an account, buy gift cards where I told you to buy a gift card, sell them where I told you to sell them and make money just like I’m making money.

You are lucky! You know why? Because you have incredible chance to get this course almost for FREE! In my own case, I was broke but borrowed ₦50,000 to learn this. I was one of the riskiest things that I’ve ever done. I did it because I know the potential was huge. Today, I’m financially free. I paid off my debt within one week and never had money problem ever since then.

What Exactly Will You Get When You Buy this Course?

A lot!

It is like me overlooking your screen pointing out the steps to YOU. You will learn all the secrets steps I’ve ever used to make as much as ₦200,000 per week selling gift cards.


- Where to buy gift cards
- Hidden sources to buy gift cards at lowest prices
- Best places to make HIGHEST PROFITs for your gift cards
- How to negotiate the price of gift cards
- Setting up your legal stuff (Done-for-you account spreadsheet and documents)
- No website method for advertising your business
- My top secret methods
- How to minimize losses
- Unknown tricks for retaining customers
- A top secret way of never ever paying full retain again. Learn how you can always save 5-70% on almost anything you want to buy.
- Top methods for becoming an online stud.
- Hidden bonuses

How Can I Get Started?

Well, before you can start a business, you will need a few things. Some of the things you will need include:

- A smartphone
- Computer or tablet (this is just to make it easier for you it is optional)
- Internet connection
- Capital (₦22,000 recommended, but you can get started with just ₦15,000)
- Be Coachable
- Be open-minded
- Be Ready to put in 5-10 hours per week.

What You Will Get From Me?

- I will personally answer any questions you have
- Teach you the top secret of this business
- Give you tools I’m using
- Reveal the sites I’m using
- Learn my top hacks
- Learn what it takes to buy and sell gift cards in Nigeria
- I will literally hold your hand until you succeed.

Truly, this is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. You will learn a simple but yet profitable business model from someone who is willing to hold your hands and teach you all the secrets you need to succeed fast in this business.

Why Am I Doing This?

The answer is simple! I love teaching people and helping. It is my passion. You can already confirm this from refer.ng i created this forum to help people and i have helped a lot thousands of people and paid out millions of naira. If I can escape poverty, there is no need to withhold the information. I have already thought over 15 of my very close friends this system and most of them have already turned their life around with this business. In fact, the least among them is making ₦75,000 every week. The only reason you will pay for this course is because I only want to work with serious people who value time and information.

Note: You really have nothing to lose here. if you follow the course you will get your investment back in few minutes.

I want to be part of your success story. This is the year you will finally make it and start living your dreams. Let me be part of your success. Learn this system and become financially free!

I’m in! How Much Should I Pay to Get This Course?

I could have easily charged ₦350,000 for this course and it will still worth it. But I’m not gonna do that. Remember, I want to help you succeed.

I won’t charge you ₦200,000 neither!

Nor ₦100,000

Not even ₦50,000

I told you that you will be getting this course at almost a giveaway price. At ₦50,000, those who know the value will be rushing to get it. But I won’t sell it for that amount today.

Is ₦40,000 ok? I think so too. ₦40,000 is perfect for this course. The value far exceeds that amount. But I want to offer you one more deal.

You will only pay ₦15,500 if you pay for this course within the next 72 hours.

Deal? Alright, you need to hurry.

Anyone can afford to pay this price. I have reduced it to just ₦15,500 just to give everyone an opportunity to get it. Once you make your payment, you will get instant access to how you can start making money instantly. You can recover your initial investment in just one day. This is a deal of a lifetime. This course does not exist anywhere else on the internet. There is nothing close to it. Even if it exists, no one will be generous to give it out at just ₦15,500.

To show you I want to help you, you can pay in installments. But note, you won’t get the entire secret until you complete your payment. This is just to help you get started. ₦15,500 is absolutely nothing compared to what you will make once this course lands in your hand. Get this course and change your life instantly.

Do you have any questions? send me an email on [email protected] I’m always available to help you.

to buy the ebook now click on the buy now button below!



Thanks for the info. It's long but nice. Keep it up.


Dat s there time you have to hustle tight too make your future be bright

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earn legitimatle for free, click this link and register lnnk.in/Wvd
I am heading right now to buy this ebook the truth is no one will teach you this for this price and for it coming from the owner of one of the greatest money making forum in Africa and the world. It is something not to miss my people if you no get money go borrow I know one guy who is building a house with gift card money!! Now is our time to shine refer.ng is giving us opportunities no one is , if you miss this one no be our village people do you again. Na you do yourself !


Am really blessed by reading th is wonderful article.If me the reader is blessed, what about you the poster? May GOD fill you with overflow of happiness.Very helpful.


Is this business really legit??

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Good business opportunity. It's really an interesting business plan that one need to follow.

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